Legend has it that British Columbians did prohibition better than anyone else. No, you couldn’t buy alcohol, but your doctor could prescribe it for you.
Now, Legend’s owners Doug and Dawn Lennie are no doctors – though their distillery is a former Doctor’s office – there is no doubt that their gin would have been scrawled across prescription pads throughout the Okanagan. (Refill – as needed.)
Handcrafted in Naramata from grain to glass using BC’s finest wheat, Doctor’s Orders is currently their best seller. To compare it to their smoked rosemary infused Black Moon Gin, try a gin flight featuring three mini gin and tonics served in cute mason jars and decked out in fresh fruits, berries and produce according to what’s fresh and in-season.
Three years in the making, Legend’s first eagerly anticipated whiskey is doing its final lovely toasting, ageing thing in barrels. To get in on the action, sign up for Legend’s newsletter at www.legenddistilling.com and add your name to a list to reserve some. Early tasting reviews indicate Doctor’s Orders may soon be playing a still melodious yet second fiddle.
Check Legend’s website for their tasting room, lounge and Urtica Eatery fall hours. Throughout the winter months, the tasting room will be open on weekends and Legend will be hosting special events such as painting classes and private parties.
Legend, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Raspberry Gin & Tonic

Another delicious prescription from Legend Distilling!

In A Tall Hurrican Glass

• Ice
• I ½ oz. Legend Distilling Doctor’s Orders Gin
• ½ oz. Elephant Island Framboise
• Top with Fentiman’s Tonic

Garnish with

• 3 fresh or frozen raspberries
• Tall straw

Drink one, Feel Better!