Meet the Ciao Bella Winery family of West Kelowna. Three generations share their love of the land and creating award winning Okanagan wines with Italian flair.

The patriarch and matriarch of the family, Luigi and Melina, came to Canada from sunny southern Italy in the province of Napoli. Luigi grew up on the family farm near Napoli while Melina grew up in Somma Vesusviana, an area renowned for the fertile volcanic soils created by Mount Vesuvius.

Today you’ll find their son, Roberto, out in the vineyard and his wife, Sharon in the wine shop. Roberto has been producing high quality grapes for over 20 years now. at first for other wineries and now for their own award-winning wines. You may even see their children, Antonio and Olivia helping around the vineyard and wine shop.

Thanks to our creative and talented photographer, Victor Piorier, of Studio RedStar for creating this three-generation family portrait for our cover. Studio Red Star has been providing clients with photography, video production and writing services for over 25 years now.