Starting in May, British Columbians and visitors alike are encouraged to go out and taste the best BC has to offer — be it in a winery tasting room or in a local restaurant. “Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL” launches May 1 and aims to promote drinking and dining locally across BC.

People are encouraged to dine out and support BC business throughout the month of May. It’s about celebrating local sipping and dining experiences, but it is bigger than that too: the goal is to grow connections between BC restaurants, chefs, farmers and wineries — because being proud of our local agriculture and local flavours is important. The quality of BC ingredients sets the food and drink apart — and in restaurants and wineries, that makes for special tasting experiences.

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL follows closely on the tails of BC Wine Month.

“We think that the spring is a great time to try unique, local flavours and enhance dining out,” says Ian Tostenson, president and CEO of the BC Restaurant & Food Services Association.

Providing great taste experiences that stand out is at the core of what BC wineries and restaurateurs do every day. Using locals ingredients and beverages helps make meals out memorable for both residents  and visitors. When British Columbians can identify and source local, seasonal and sustainable food, they are supporting many businesses across our community — and that matters in Wine Country because it creates and sustains jobs.

Tostenson, who came from an extensive background in BC wine, continues: “When BC is in your glass, or on your plate at a restaurant, we know it simply tastes better and we encourage everyone to go out and see for themselves.”

The campaign is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Agriculture and the BC Restaurant & Food Services Association (BCRFA). For more information, is a year round resource for taste experiences that proudly supports BC farmers, producers, harvesters and growers first.