As the last of the season’s snow has disappeared beneath the radiant glow of the Okanagan sun, a little patch of garden sanctuary has once again emerged. Hidden Chapel Winery sits nestled in the hills just off Highway 97 as it curves its way into Oliver, south of Okanagan Falls. Here, the roar of the highway is scarcely heard, and is instead replaced with the tranquil melodies of songbirds.

Hidden Chapel Winery is the very definition of a hidden gem. The winery boasts an impressive and diverse array of both sophisticated whites and well-aged reds. But they’re best known for their wedding trilogy, a series of specially crafted wines: White Wedding (a Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Riesling blend), Blushing Bride Rosé (Cabernet, Malbec) and Shotgun Wedding (an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon). This trio of wine, perfect to share with friends and family on that special day, became a quartet last year with the addition of Made of Honour…a sparkling wine.

Around the corner from the wineshop, beneath the pines and behind the gardens, sits the winery’s namesake, a quaint little white chapel in the middle of a glade that’s brought to life this time of year by its natural surroundings. Originally built by the property’s former owner two decades ago, it has increasingly become a popular destination for small wedding ceremonies.

The winery’s location atop a plateau gives guests a broad view of the valley, while the abundance of vines, flowers, pines and that little white church, give the property an almost fairytale ambiance. Those looking for a picturesque wedding site (unfortunately limited only to ceremonies and photos), or for those needing a last-minute wedding gift, Hidden Chapel Winery is an ideal place to step away from it all and reconnect with nature over a glass of fine wine.