Nestled on bench land overlooking the Similkameen Valley, Seven Stones Winery is well-known for its full-bodied red wines, a spectacular view and mysterious caves. Tucked away under seven feet of earth, the caves offer a beautiful and unique feature to the winery. At 3,500 square feet, the caves have enough space to facilitate public and private events as well as provide the comforts of home to aging wine in only the finest of French Oak barrels as classical music plays 24/7.

Cool Caves

The caves at Seven Stones are the only ones of their kind in Canada and have been rated as a world-class cellar. The caves contribute to a greater control of the aging process, creating the finest red wines. The depth of the caves provides the perfect environment for the ageing of wines all year while protecting them from the fluctuating climate. At a consistently humid 10.5 degrees, the caverns offer protection from cold winters and extremely hot summers.

“I’ve always felt that stocking your wine cellar with quality wine shouldn’t break the bank. So I won’t sell a wine before its time and I keep the prices reasonable.” George Hansen – Owner/Winemaker

Old Wines – Current Vintage Prices

Owner and winemaker George Hanson doesn’t want his customers to have to cellar his wines and wait for them to age so they can enjoy them. Instead, he ages the wines to perfection in the caves, and then sells them at what many consider current vintage prices. For example, the Seven Stones flagship wine, Standing Rock Meritage, is the current vintage from 2011 and is sold at a very competitive price. The winery also has a large selection of Library wines at exceptional prices. Plan a trip to the Similkameen this summer and visit the unforgettable caves at Seven Stones.