From the beginning, hands-on owners Larry Gerelus and Linda Pruegger didn’t shy away from trying something new for the region. With their winemaker sharing innovative inclinations, together they’ve followed their passion to gain a reputation as being adventurous while creating award-winning wines.

In 2011, Stag’s Hollow planted its Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard with many varietals new to the Okanagan. These varietals included two Italian — dolcetto and teroldago — and two Spanish — albarino and tempranillo.

In the portfolio at Stag’s Hollow, there are also grenache and vidal (basis of the fruity wine Tragically Vidal that has gained a cult following).

This intrepid attitude attracted an invitation from Italy in May to pour Stag’s Hollow 2016 Dolcetto and 2016 Muscat Frizzante with the same wines in Italy. How amazing to see our Okanagan wines stand up internationally!

For a truly interesting tasting, drop by Stag’s Hollow to experience some of these new wines.

Remember there’s the vineyard-view licensed patio where you can bring your own lunch or buy from the Winecrush cooler for an Okanagan picnic. Pair that with a selection of Stag’s Hollow wines. On Fridays, the European Gourmet Services food truck offers additional delectable options.