2012 will be a big year for EauVivre if Co-proprietor Jeraldine Estin has anything to say about it. A brand new Riesling and new vintage of Gewürztraminer are on the way, as well as a big new summer release. “We are also planning a big red for this year,” says Estin, who offers up no more hints about it other than that.

“For each edition of Food & Wine Trails, we’ll be introducing something new,” says Trina Estin, Dale and Jeraldine’s daughter who is now taking on sales at the winery.

After a little digging, I am promised that a new version of their hard-to-find Malbec will be released sometime this year after missing a vintage. This new release will be 100% Malbec (as was the previous version) and will be the same style. This Malbec comes from a vineyard closer to Keremeos that has a beautiful south-facing sloped vineyard where it is able to soak up lots of heat.

Until the Malbec is released, there are plenty of award-winning wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to tie over fans until all those hints make it to the wine shop shelves. The season will be started with the release of two new whites from the 2011 vintage. New for their winery, a wonderfully crisp Riesling will be joining their portfolio of whites and is grown on their property behind the winery. A tank sample of this debut Riesling shows beautiful apple and pear aromas and a fresh, lively acidity that will make it a wonderful addition to any BC Riesling fan’s cellar. A tank sample of the 2011 Gewürztraminer reveals less acidity than the Riesling, but is loaded with beautiful aromas of flowers and perfume. It also hints at that minerality that the Similkameen Valley is fast becoming known for.

As for reds, “the Cab Franc is always a best-seller,” says Trina, referring to their popular take on this rising star variety. Richly coloured and beautifully aromatic, EauVivre captures Cab Franc at its most balanced with beautiful fruit, spice, floral and herbal notes that are not in any hurry to leave.

Check out EauVivre throughout the year as they reveal new products and more favourites!

~ Luke Whittall