The Rotten Grape, longtime favorite Wine and Tapas Bar is now offering the European experience by opening a daytime Espresso Bar, serving rich espresso, cappuccino, and latte’s from Seattle’s premiere Caffé Umbria. Irrepressible Rita Myers – who is like the bubbles in the champagne of the Rotten Grape experience – was looking for a place with Continental cafe flair for coffee and socializing or to take clients, and realized there really wasn’t anything like the coffee bars of Toronto or Europe in Kelowna. And so, the daytime experience at the hottest place to hang out was born. “We will now open for lunch and once the outside street patio is in operation, will begin early morning coffee. Coffee is like wine, it is meant to be enjoyed not rushed. We have the Globe and Mail and free Wi-Fi. “ The lunch menu offers Panini’s, thin crust pizzas, hearty soups, salads and tapas. If you choose to have a glass of wine with your lunch, they have one of the best wine lists around. Don’t miss the Art and Wine Show April 19th, where artist Alex Fong pairs his art with wines from Sperling Vineyards and Meyer Family Vineyards.

The folks from Caffé Umbria spent considerable time training Rita and staff on the correct use of their brand new shiny machine and judging by the latte I sampled, along with a perfect in-house chocolate dipped biscotti, they are well on their way to being the favorite destination to enjoy the best espresso in town.  

~ Terry Meyer-Stone