Long ago in a town called Summerland, an enterprising young Asian man became tired of the poor conditions working on the railway lines, and decided to pursue his entrepreneurial calling. From the outside, Sam Suey’s little laundry service seemed innocent enough, but with a wink and a nod, and the loquacious password ‘woo woo,’ Sam would show his clients the ‘better half ‘of his business… a thriving gambling house and the accommodating ladies of his brothel.

Fast forward to the present, and an inspired Summerland-based winery has taken the story on, with the name ‘Dirty Laundry Vineyard’.

But what’s this? There’s some talking Chinese komodo dragon living on the patio, claiming to be the reincarnation of Sam Suey himself?! Well, it is the year of the dragon. So I interviewed him.

“Let me tell you, I was not a happy guy to wake up and discover that I had passed away as a successful businessman and woke up reincarnated as a lizard! But after I heard about all the stories the lovely ladies at Dirty Laundry Vineyard (DLV) had been telling about me, I decided that this was where I belonged,” explains Sammy Soo (who may or may not be related to DLV’s actual Winemaker, Phil Soo)

Sammy, who has dubbed himself the unofficial spokes-lizard for the winery, is excited about all the new spring happenings.

“All the new ladies (read: wines!) are back. There’s more Woo Woo available (DLV’s most popular Gewürztraminer wine), ‘coz everyone needs more of that in their lives,” he says, exposing a wicked grin, adding, “Since Dirty Laundry patrons like it naughty, we’ve also re-introduced our Naughty (slightly oaked) Chardonnay.”

A most charming reptile, Sammy expressed his pleasure in the beauty of the winery’s new Bordello Room, an elegantly-designed events room located above the wine shop: perfect for up-scale stags and stagettes, anniversaries, and unconventional corporate meetings.

DLV’s sexy website now has a new online store offering everything from your favourite DLV wine to booty shorts. The website also has info on DLV’s new three-tiered Bordello Wine Club, with exclusive membership benefits.

Befriend Sammy Soo on Facebook to follow all of his wild adventures. Boring folk need not apply!

~ Sarah Willard