Summer is all about relaxation and there is no need to let food worries turn you into a basket case. At least not since Kelsey Galt got the bright idea of starting a picnic and catering company last year.

Basket Case Picnics has had a “tremendous year of uptake and growth in one short year,” proud mom and business coach, Chris Rowland said while filling in for Kelsey, who was off on a spring research trip in Europe.
With an education in nutrition and dietetics, and coming from a family of foodies, Kelsey’s leap into the picnic and catering business was a natural one. Expanding it to sell tasty and nutritional food and snacks at farmers markets, events and wineries was a response to opportunity.
“In the first year they were anchored around farmers markets and it brought them closer to their organic suppliers.”, Chris says. “They became like a demo kitchen for their hormone- and antibioitic-free products…and Farmers Markets draw pre-qualified consumers—they already know the value of fresh, local, high quality food.”
Four-course picnic baskets enable folks to put thoughts of food planning or preparation behind them and get on with their day.
“Lots of people visit a winery and have a glass of wine with the basket’s appetizer, then move on to another location,” Chris says. “They can enjoy their four courses in four spots, stretching their enjoyment throughout the day.”
As more wineries add on-site events, demand has increased for Basket Case Picnics to be part of the festivities, bringing along the trailer or a new portable gourmet flatbread oven and mobile grill.
“Now they can be operating at more than once place at a time,” Chris says.
Picnic baskets have become a huge favourite with Okanagan Lake boaters, who can tie up near the Peachland farmers market, make their purchase and be back on the water in minutes.
And customers won’t want to miss the new gourmet ice cream sandwiches this summer. “They are always innovating,” Chris says. And giving whole new meaning to the concept of take-away food.

~ Lorne Eckersley