This spring wine country lost one of its shining stars. Vivianne Hanson passed away April 1st surrounded with love. When you visit Seven Stones Winery this summer you will see that her spirit lives on. Vivianne’s sparkle remains and can be seen twinkling around her home, winery and beloved husband George. We will miss you beautiful lady.

“Dear Seven Stones wine family and friends,

I am writing to let you know that my dear wife Vivianne passed away on Sunday, April 1st after a 7 year battle with ovarian cancer. Many of you will know Vivianne from your visits to our tasting room or from her voice on the telephone when you were ordering wine.

Vivianne brought a sense of flair to everything that she touched. She was the face of Seven Stones Winery and provided the image and flair outside the bottle. She had a great knowledge and a keen sense of providing an exceptional experience to you, our wine family and friends.

One of Vivianne’s many passions was to source and sell one-of-a-kind jewellery and specialty items like purses and scarves in the Seven Stones tasting room. It was a delight for Vivianne to help others let their beauty shine through.

Vivianne and I shared a strong passion for wine. I can assure you that this passion still lives here at Seven Stones and that we will carry on making quality wines and selling unique one-of-a-kind jewellery and other items in our winery.

I thank you for all of your ongoing support for Vivianne, myself and Seven Stones Winery.”


George Hanson