Don’t let Freud give you the slip this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for his image in ads around the Okanagan and you might just win some cool—like, uh, wine–prizes!

“We are doing a lot of social media promotion this summer,” says Therapy’s Sales, Marketing and Wine Shop Manager Daphne Tomkins.

Four draws, one for each of June, July, August and September, will be made from among entrants who send photos of Freud’s images to Therapy via their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Freud? Well, you probably live under a rock if you aren’t aware of the role the good doctor has played at Therapy, being featured on wine labels and all. But he’s taking another giant step into the limelight this summer. A character actor, or perhaps a reincarnation of the Austrian analyst, will be appearing at events, including local farmers markets, for the next four months. Take his photo, or even one of a Therapy wine bottle – the wackier the better – and send it in to qualify for the draws.

What else is new this summer? How about a new Sauvignon Blanc release that will tempt your taste buds and, at only $19.99 a bottle, have you crying out for more?

The unlucky ones who are too young to have been analyzed by Dr. Freud do have options. The Therapy Vineyards Guesthouse has suites and rooms to provide guests a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each guest gets a small gift and a wine shop discount.

Fresh coffee and a continental breakfast are delivered to rooms each morning, allowing guests to remain close to their “Heavenly Beds” and rooms share common areas and barbecue facilities.

In the evening guests gravitate to the hot tub, where a relaxing soak and glass of wine offer an alternative form of therapy. We think the good doctor would have approved.

~ Lorne Eckersley