Summertime is fruit wine time. That’s what Forbidden Fruit owner Steve Venables is hoping you will think about when the sun shines down during those hot summer months. Not that Steve will have much time to stop and enjoy a glass or two during the summer. “It’s non-stop harvesting from June to October” says Steve.

Unlike wine grapes, which all get harvested around the same time in the fall, the fruits for Forbidden Fruit’s roster of wines are harvested at different times throughout the summer and fall. “These babies are nurtured right through the whole year. I don’t want to freeze them,” says Steve, who wants the fruit to always be nice and fresh when it gets made into wine.

The Earth Series of grape wines are the responsibility of Steve’s son Nathan Venables, who is slowly taking over much of the grape wine making duties at Forbidden Fruit. A tank sample of the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc shows aromas of rich cut grass, apples, citrus, with a slight streak of flint. Amazingly complex considering it is from the first large crop of Sauvignon Blanc grown on the property.

Along with the wine, enjoy Kim Brind’Amour’s beautiful works of art in the wine shop, and the stunning riverfront views. Forbidden Fruit also offers a new shopping experience for buying fresh fruit. A recently constructed addition to their winery allows visitor’s to buy fruit that has come right off the tree. “It’s going to be a little more natural, a little more open than going inside a fruit stand.” says Steve.

Join Kim and Steve all summer at Forbidden Fruit in Cawston or on the winery’s “35th Year of Organic Farming Celebration Road Show” which will take them to various places throughout BC.
~ Luke Whittall