Much like the symbol that graces their bottles, the owners and winemaker at Stag’s Hollow Winery are laid back and low key. Their underlying intensity and passion is what has won them recent accolades such as Wine Press Northwest’s BC Winery of the Year 2012. Their philosophy is one of sustainability and balance, and it shows in every wine they produce and every aspect of their facility. 

Even when Stag’s Hollow was built back in 1995, the efforts to create an environment that would allow for quality wines to express the unique terroir of Okanagan Falls was important. A geothermal system that heats and cools all the tanks and all the rooms individually exists not only in the winery buildings but also in Larry and Linda’s home on the site. Combining Old World ideas and New World technology is central to their way of thinking and it comes through in the wines as well. ">Winemaker Dwight Sick likes to call himself a “student of wine”, always learning from the ever-evolving vineyards and the wine they produce as well as the technology that advances constantly. Stag’s Hollow wines are the culmination of premium vineyard sites, the unique Okanagan Falls microclimate and minimal manipulation in winemaking. The best that Mother Nature has to offer is expressed in the bottle. 2011 Sauvignon Blanc – $19.99 Intense aromas of lime peel and fresh grass. Classic grapefruit flavours intermingled with kiwi and gooseberry. Bright, round finish. Pair with fresh herb and citrus flavours.

Photo: Stag's Hollow Proprietors Linda Pruegger and Larry Gerelus.

~ Kristin Peturson-Laprise