anta Claws is coming to town! This holiday season Codfathers Seafood Market is the only place in the Okanagan that you can find Ocean Wise, sustainably caught lobsters. Brought to you by Owners Jon and Anne Marie Crofts, a British duo who pride themselves on bringing the best and freshest seafood to the Okanagan Valley. 

On a daily basis they have fresh seafood such as Arctic Char and Florida Rock Shrimp flown in to the Kelowna airport. The Codfathers’ website even provides a list of current seafood available in store, which also includes where the seafood was caught and what method was used to catch it.

Codfathers also has a cafe on site where customers can order straight from the fishmongers themselves and have it prepared to their liking that they can then enjoy in the cafe or take home. 

Recently, Codfathers has come out with their own delicious brand of stocks, chowders and fish rubs, which work as a delicious accompaniment to a meal.  

A popular item over the holiday season is Codfather’s custom party trays which are made to order. The platters are filled with items such as crab legs, shrimp, mussels and scallops. The Crofts and their staff can often be found working late into the evening to ensure that their customers’ seafood orders are prepared and delivered as fresh as possible for their Christmas party needs.

Thanks to Codfathers Seafood Market the ocean is now that much closer to the Okanagan Valley. To check out what’s new and fresh at Codfathers please visit www.codfathers.ca

~ Natasha Chudyk