With her work collected worldwide, Wendy Porter is renowned in the Okanagan for her paintings decorating the walls of the Hotel Eldorado, Silver Star Mountain Ski Resort, the Kelowna Art Gallery and many public and private collections. “The idea for this winter series came as Whistler, BC, Canada was preparing to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. I continue to work on these paintings during the winter season, inspired by the snow falling outside my studio window. I spent most of my years with young children at our ski chalet surrounded by the snow and the mountains. My passion for painting has been with me most of my life. To put paint to canvas is a must for me. Keeping the canvas simple and loving form, I eventually wanted to tell stories about my life and time (la vie moderne). This meant painting imagery of landscapes and people interacting with it. Landscapes with people allow me to use form, texture and colour. Our family spent years on the ski slopes of Big White, British Columbia and winter is such a big part of our Canadian lives. We celebrate our winter and engage in nature’s gift of ice and snow.”