Codfathers in Kelowna has a long, rich and well-deserved reputation for supplying the Okanagan with some of the finest seafood found anywhere.  Much of their work is done with their partners from Quadra Island, Outlandish Shellfish Guild.  

Outlandish Shellfish Guild is comprised of a group of six farmers, who pool resources to market and sell shellfish in BC and across the country.  Working directly with the Guild, says Codfathers proprietor Jon Crofts, ensures that he has personal contact with the farmers.

“Their quality is amazing, and we get straight-from-the-ocean freshness,” says Crofts.  

With spring comes a sumptuous selection of fresh seafood, beginning with halibut in late March.  There is plenty of ling cod, rock fish, spring salmon, spot prawns and octopus in the months that follow.  Sometime near the end of the spring season – for a very short time – fresh We Wai Kai scallops are available through the Outlandish Shellfish Guild.

Codfathers supplies the general public with delectable fresh seafood and also sell to some of the area’s top restaurants, who know they can count on Codfathers freshness and consistently high quality.  Their web site features information on the fresh fish they sell, as well as offering some of the region’s most highly sought-after recipes.

 “90% of the restaurants request products specifically from Outlandish Shellfish Guild,” says Crofts.  

Codfathers also offers unique and delicious ready-to-cook specialties, all produced under the watchful eye of their on-site chef.  Whether you are dining out or cooking up a seafood feast of your own, Codfathers fish is the answer to a seafood lover’s prayers.       


~ Deanna Rainey