There’s a story in every bottle” is the tagline of the Naramata Bench Wineries Association.   It’s true too; when you bring a bottle of their wine home with you, the memories from your visit come pouring out along with the wine.  The Association members are committed to not only offering quality wines, but also to being fun and accessible to their visitors.  Visiting the Naramata Bench is about more than just tasting wine; it is about enjoying the unique experiences that this group of wineries offers. 

Twenty-four member wineries stretch from one end of the Naramata Bench to the other and include:  Kettle Valley Winery, Therapy Vineyards, Serendipity Winery, Van Westen Vineyards, Elephant Island Orchard Wines, Lake Breeze Vineyards, Lang Vineyards, Terravista Vineyards, Moraine Estate Winery, Bench 1775 at Paradise Beach Vineyards, Black Widow Winery, Laughing Stock Vineyards, 3 Mile Estate Winery, Howling Bluff Estate Winery, Hillside Estate Winery & Bistro, D’Angelo Estate Winery, Red Rooster Winery, La Frenz Winery, Poplar Grove Winery, Monster Vineyards, Perseus Winery, Township 7 Winery, Misconduct Wine Co. & Upper Bench Winery & Creamery.  Keep your eye on all of these producers and purveyors of fine wines, their events and experiences, and fabulous restaurants, to find out what’s coming next.

Individual wineries offer a variety of winery events throughout this season, many of which are free.  There are art events, live theatre, music events and behind the scenes experiences and more.   The concept of getting into the vineyards and the cellars and experiencing winemaking close up has proven very popular.  In addition to the individual events, this Association is presenting their party of the season, the much anticipated Annual Tailgate Party, on September 7th. Last year’s event sold out with 500 attendees. Check out the website at for Tailgate info and tickets and check the calendar of events on the website regularly for continual event updates.

~ Courtney Fossett