Fairview Cellars owner Bill Eggert prefers tradition over trends. “I believe that wine making is a traditional thing,” says Eggert. “I don’t want to change my marketing plan every three years with a new label and brand.” One change to Fairview labels will be the location names.  Bill explains, “I’m going to identify wines that come from the estate, and the Golden Mile Bench.  I want the customer to be confident with where the wines are grown.” Audits from the BC Wine Authority, of which Eggert is a supporter, will also help ensure that wines are coming from their stated location or origin.

With his newly constructed cellar addition, Fairview is now in full production and will have lots to sell until the wine shop closes at the end of the harvest. “Some of the more popular premier series wines may be in short supply,” he says, “but there will always be lots of wine here for sale.” For the fall, this will include the next vintage of The Bear. Visitors to the wine shop at Fairview are often pleasantly surprised to see back vintages, sometimes dating back a decade, available to taste and purchase.

~ Luke Whittall