Chatting with the gang at Adega on 45th Estate Winery in Osoyoos is like attending a party as the honoured guest.  Proprietors Fred and Pamala Farinha and Maria and Alex Nunes have clearly enjoyed their wine shop for the second summer. This summer marked their second full season in their wine shop but only their first season with a full portfolio of wines available. This includes some great blends and single varieties sourced from their nearly 30 acres of vineyard. “We have 20 acres here, 8 on another block and 10 on another,” explains Alex.

Though their patio may not yet be fully completed (something that is planned for 2014), they have started their wine club, called “The A-List Club”. The Club has been going strong throughout the summer since being introduced this past June at their customer appreciation day that was held on Father’s Day. Members purchase the Wine Maker’s case at 15% off to get into the club and can do so visiting the winery, or by phone or email. Members also get that same discount all year when purchasing wine or branded merchandise in the wine shop. There will also be more perks for being a member in the future and members can rejoin the Club later if they choose to hold off on purchasing their yearly Wine Maker’s case.

While new releases typically happen at Adega in the spring, there is a possibility that the next vintage of Port-style wine, the 2010 Portao, may be released later this year. “We might release it in the fall,” says Alex. “It depends on how it’s tasting.”
Be sure to check out their website for details of this very special wine release. Don’t forget to stop in and see the gang when visiting Osoyoos.

~ Luke Whittall