Winter is great for shellfish such as oysters, clams and mussels,” says Jon Crofts, owner of Codfathers Seafood Market in Kelowna. “The cold, clear water makes for very fresh tasting shellfish with nice, clean flavours.”
Jon also says the Alaskan trap fishery is open for cod, a very sustainable and Ocean Wise fish which is “excellent for chowders, fish pies and roasting, all great options for winter comfort food.”
From time to time, there will be fresh line-caught Chinook salmon available at Codfathers, which are always at their prime in the winter months. Customers can stay in touch with current fish in the market by checking their Facebook page or website.
“We have percebes this winter, also known as goose neck barnacles,” says Jon. This Spanish delicacy is now being harvested in BC. “We also now stock North America’s first organic caviar from Northern Divine in Sechelt, BC as well as their sturgeon.”
Besides shellfish, day boat caught halibut, ling cod, spring salmon and smoked oysters are customer favorites.
The market also carries house-smoked products, deli items, BC-made sauces and sea salts. Fish stocks and chowders are also available for customers’ homemade recipes.
“Codfathers is known for its large selection,” says Jon. “Often visitors from the coast comment that we have better options than they can find there, as well as buying the best quality from sustainable sources.” In fact, Codfathers was the first fish market in Canada to partner with Ocean Wise.
~ Dona Sturmanis