Applewood Smoked Okanagan Rainbow Trout


“I made this delicious dish with local rainbow trout and it was divine”
Chef Rob Cordonier, Hillside Bistro at Hillside Winery, Naramata

Serves 4 people
4 skin-on trout fillets with pin bones removed
1 cup sea salt
1 cup Demerara sugar

Trim away any bones or fins from the trout fillets. Mix together the equal parts of Demerara sugar and sea salt.
Evenly distribute a thin layer of the salt mix into a non-reactive container. Evenly coat all sides of the fish in the cure and place the fillets gently into the non-reactive container. If there is extra cure sprinkle it over top. Wrap the container and allow the trout to cure for one hour. While the fish is curing prepare your smoker according to the manufacturers directions using applewood chips.
After curing the fish for 1 hour rinse it under running cold water to remove the excess salt mix and pat it dry. Place the trout on a tray near the top of your smoker.
You want to smoke the fish gently for 35 minutes at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
The fish will be starting to get flaky but still have a moist center. Be careful not to over cook or over smoke the fish.
Remove the skin from the trout and serve immediately over B.C. Endive leaves, baby kale and orange segments. Drizzle a tablespoon of your favourite olive oil over top and enjoy. My suggested pairing is the Hillside Winery Reserve Pinot Gris.