Almost one year into his new venture, Chef Paul Cecconi of Brodo Kitchen is still smiling. That’s because Paul is doing what he always wanted: running his own restaurant, with his wife Holly and their two kids, and doing everything his own way.

(Photo: Owners Holly Cecconi & Chef Paul Cecconi)

“I always knew one day I wanted to do something for myself,” says the former executive chef of Local Lounge & Grill.

Casual dining was where he wanted to focus and he chose the name Brodo (Italian for broth), after making a reputation for himself as an award-winning soup chef. But it wasn’t to be only about the soup.

His ultimate goal was provide food that was as local as possible, creative and flavourful. He created a warm and inviting space with a reclaimed wood communal table in the middle of the room and rustic furnishings in a bright corner restaurant.  His daughter Sofia’s artwork is framed and decorates areas of the restaurant, making it obvious this is a family place.

Above the order counter, black chalk boards list the simple and addictively delicious range of soups, salads and sandwiches that are produced in the open concept kitchen. While the regular menu is amazing, it’s the features that keep locals coming back day after day.
Brodo offers a unique soup, salad and sandwich feature every single day, a job Cecconi says is challenging but fun for his whole team to come up with. For a list of the complete menu and daily features go to

~ Tracy Clark