There’s something about the smell of fresh lavender that makes you want to crawl into a big bed with crisp white sheets, and drift off into a glorious afternoon nap. It’s that “deep breath in ahhhhhh” feeling that makes lavender a favourite scent.

So it’s a good thing that Doug Mathias and Karolina Born-Tschümperlin, owners of Forest Green Man Lavender Farm, have an abundance of the delicate purple shrub to lower their stress during their shop expansion. The couple has been operating out of a 30 year-old building on Doug’s family property for several years. This spring, it was time for change.

“We’re going from 180 to 400 square feet,” says Karolina. “We’ll be able to welcome more visitors, and we’ll finally have space to display everything.”

Doug and Karolina’s 5-acre farm has 2500 lavender plants. From these, they make more than 30 products including oils, soaps, and lotions. They also sell bunches of lavender for bedside and decorative table displays.
“Everybody wants lavender,” says Karolina. “Girls want it in their weddings. People want it in their food. It smells so nice.” It also makes you feel good. “Clinical trials that show lavender helps reduce cortisol and has a calming effect on the body,” says Doug.
This summer, treat yourself to an authentic Okanagan afternoon, and plan to finish your wine tour on the Naramata Bench with a stop at Forest Green Man Lavender Farm. But keep in mind – it may put you in the mood for a siesta!

~ Erin Trainer