With its Indian-spiced inspired farm-to-table cuisine, count on Poppadoms to delight your palate as the changing seasons herald in fresh new ingredients. Soon the summer menu filled with Okanagan sunshine will be launched.

Speaking of bright light and things to draw you outdoors, the patio reopens with its exclusive BBQ menu. Experience how the Dosanj family (owners) would have barbecues including such favourites as Tandoori Chicken or Paneer, cold cashew rice, Bombay Aloo (a cold Indian potato salad), leafy green salad or Chicken Tikka Burger. Occasionally you might find the servers adorned with fake Indian-looking mustaches and bopping to disco and Indian jazz numbers circa 1920-70s.

Alternately, if you can’t escape your office, Tuesday to Friday, consider a tiffin lunch option. Just as in India, where hot lunches are brought to hungry workers using a stainless steel lunch kit called a tiffin, Poppadoms is delivering freshly made, wholesome lunches to workplaces all over Kelowna. For complete details and set menu, see its website. When you’re working in peak season it’s a great way to get a replenishing meal and just as in South India eating spicy food is just the thing to cool you down.
To cool your thirst, Bar Manager Harry Dosanj constantly enhances the beverage program adding more tantalizing homemade creations in both the spirited and non-alcohol selections. Besides pleasing customers, Harry has wowed judges and just won his third bartending competition in a row. I love his HarryBerry Sour, Gindian Mule and first barrel-aged cocktail – Richard Parker.

~ Roslyne Buchanan