If you’ve been watching Top Chef Canada or Chopped Canada, you’ve see Evelynn Takoff giving her all in the spotlight. Chef’s Butters named her lead at micro bar bites “to unleash her creativity and obvious culinary talents”. At RauDZ Robyn Sigurdson is now chef de cuisine.

Co-owner Audrey Surrao (pictured) is putting her taste buds to the test this spring, too. Her wine expertise was summoned to judge at the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival and Oliver Osoyoos Oyster Wine Festival. At RauDZ, she’s launching new red and white wine lists, which she adds are “all Okanagan, all delicious.” Available by the bottle and by the glass, the wines are 100 % local except you can purchase a bottle of France’s Moet & Chandon Champagne. The wine lists feature 34 wineries located from Lake Country to Keremeos/Cawston and everywhere in between with 49 bottles from which to choose. If you can’t decide and like surprises, try the brown bag selection handpicked by Audrey.

“Field to Glass” cocktail anyone? At a place like RauDZ, you didn’t expect the bar menu to be an after thought, did you? The new list is “utilizing locally distilled and farmed ingredients.” Audrey adds, “You’ll find spirits from both local spirit makers – Urban Distilleries and Okanagan Spirits and an Okanagan twist on pretty well everything that comes out from behind that bar!”

~ Roslyne Buchanan