(pictured: Wine shop hosts Tarra (L), Marcia and Luke in full character on patio)

Marcia Vandermey has every wine-lover’s dream job. She’s been the front-of-house wine shop manager at Summerland’s immensely popular Dirty Laundry Vineyard (DLV) for several years. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, and she loves greeting visitors from all over the world.
“Right from the moment people walk down the path, they’re in a good mood. They’ve had a chuckle about our larger-than-life “laundry sheets” and clothes-pegs…they’re ready to have fun”, explains Marcia.” When guests walk in our door, they feel they’ve been invited to the best party. The sounds of laughter, live music on the patio (see weekend entertainment listings online: www.dirtylaundry.ca), even clips of a host singing ‘Kay Syrah Syrah’ – just people enjoying themselves.”

The boutique Bottleneck Drive winery is stunning: the patio is teeming with happy people, lush gardens, festive red umbrellas, fountains, lingerie and wrought-iron work – it’s like a Moulin-Rouge summertime terrace in Paris.

“People look at the patio, they see this European-inspired turn-of-the-century wild-west flair – the sights and sounds of the KVR train steaming by, people enjoying our deli-style picnics overlooking the vineyards…it let’s your mind wander to those days-gone-by. Each guest becomes a part of that scene, so the next group walking in says, ‘Hey, look at how much fun they’re having!’ and join in the fun.

DLV’s a bustling tourist destination, so Marcia recommends guests belly-up to the bar for their complimentary tasting before heading to the self-serve deli. With a fully equipped picnic basket in hand, choose from the wide variety of items to enjoy outside.

~ Sarah Willard