(Fred and Maria, co-owners of Adega.)

The pergola at Adega on 45th is now complete and the patio is ready for summer picnics. There will be “family picnics a-plenty” according to Adega co-owner Maria Nunes who grew up on this Osoyoos property along with her brother and co-owner Fred Farinha. Family has always been important at Adega beginning with Maria and Fred’s parents.

Their father Manuel Farinha and mother Felicidade purchased the property in 1966. They grew tree fruits and Maria remembers the hard work that being an orchardist requires including the manual irrigation system. “We really had to work to move the water,” says Maria. Maria married Alex Nunes in 1974 and moved to his property south of Osoyoos. Fred and Pam married in 1987 and took over the family business soon after in 1990. After years of fruit growing, it wasn’t long before Alex and Fred began to look into changing their crops over to grapes and making their own wine. In the fall of 2008 the fruit trees were removed and the vines destined to produce grapes for Adega’s wines were planted the following spring.

Uniquely situated for quality grape growing, the 20-acre property makes full use of the sloped site and late-day direct sunlight. The soil is composed of sand and clay but also contains an interesting layer of volcanic ash which Fred and Alex discovered while making repairs to the irrigation. All of these unique elements of terroir contribute to Adega’s wines, which include the red and white blends named after Maria and Fred’s parents – Manuel and Felicidade – who started it all in 1966.

Stop in and enjoy a perfect Osoyoos picnic! Wine by the glass and deli fridge are available all summer long.
~ Luke Whittall