Nestled between Sunoka Beach and Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive lays a hidden treasure: DeLong Studio.
Anita and John DeLong’s stunning silversmith jewellery and accessories boutique has captured discerning eyes for years. Perhaps you’ve seen their display cases at Thornhaven or 8th Generation Vineyard or Penticton’s VQA store? That is just a peek of DeLong Studio’s bountiful array.
“Who would expect this selection and quality here? It’s the biggest secret in the valley,” says Sue, who works alongside the DeLong’s greeting guests and making jewellery.
The DeLongs have an intimate knowledge of the stones, their origins, and the designers who produce them. Although many pieces are created on premises, many are hand selected  from world-class limited production designers they are proud to support.
“We don’t buy mass production from a buyer with a satchel of jewellery in his car,” says proprietor/designer Anita. Truly, DeLong Studio’s one-of-a-kind designer quality rivals the world’s best. The DeLongs have noticed an interesting psychology in the choices people make, depending on if they are buying for themselves or for gifts. “Women specifically enjoy rings and bracelets – we women love what we can see on ourselves without a mirror, whereas men tend to buy necklaces or earrings for their loved ones.”
Taking a break from wine touring and enjoying other pleasurable activities can make one’s Okanagan vacation truly memorable. DeLong Studio offers more than jewellery, it’s a lasting memento to cherish for years to come.
“Once people discover us, they return every year,” explains Anita. (check out their reviews on Each spring heralds new styles of rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, with additional jewellery displayed throughout the seasons. In-house production never ceases and you never know what surprises await. From traditional to modern, from demure to bold, there’s something for everyone’s taste.  “You have to come here to believe it all!”
~ Sarah Willard