(pictured: There are actually four members of the UB Team in this picture-  congratulations mama-to-be Tessa!  L-R Winemaker Gavin, Tessa (and baby), Cheesemaker Shana)

If you want to meet two people who really love what they do – this is the place.  Gavin and Shana Miller own and operate Upper Bench Winery & Creamery. This particular wine and cheese maker’s love and passion for their craft is steeped into the luxurious flavour and refinement of their creations.  And there is a romance in their artistry – it manifests in the wine and cheese pairings – each offering the perfect marriage of flavours on the palate.
Upper Bench wine and cheese never fail to evoke a wow! from my dinner guests when served.  And they love to hear the fairy tale behind the creations – the story of the Naramata wine and cheese maker, husband and wife, who provide a quintessential wine country experience.  (Or should I say, “fable” combining their living philosophy of farm to table.)
And, behind every great artistic production, there is a team with similar values.  Lead by the glowing Tessa Sjoblom (who is also bringing a new team member into the wine and cheese world this year!), Gavin and Shana have built a dedicated team of worker bees in the vineyard, winery, cheese shop and beyond.
The pergola-topped patio next to the wine shop provides a wonderful oasis while on your food and wine trail in Naramata.  A perfect glass of wine paired with the perfect cheese enjoyed al fresco amongst the vineyard is what wine country is all about.
And they lived happily ever after…
~ Jennifer Schell