The Vine Glass Renewal Resort owners Roger Hol and Jyl Chegwin have added a new team member to their team. Janice Uebelhardt comes to the Vine Glass from Fort Langley, BC and will be taking care of the day-to-day administration of the resort. “Projects like this take time,” says Janice, who had helped Roger and Jyl prior to officially joining the team this past May. Janice will also be the point of first contact for guests, as she’ll be handling the bookings and reservations for the guest suites.
Three luxurious guest suites are available for booking and are located in a separate building that looks over the pool and hot tub patio. All rooms are spaciously appointed with a king-size bed and private balcony overlooking the Similkameen River. Relaxation is the key here and each room is exceptionally serene. Each room at The Vineglass is themed according to the striking paintings about wine by artist Michael Godard that appear in each room. Room names like “Paradise”, “Corked”, and “Devilish” add an artistic dimension to the guest experience. If the images really grab you, you can grab them. “The paintings are also for sale,” says Janice, who will have the prints shipped to your home address.
All facilities from the guest suites to the pool are within sight of the estate’s vineyards, the source for the resorts own wines produced by Roger. Tastings are by appointment.

2013 Why Knot White
Huge peach and mango aromas on the nose with huge white peach, honey, orange blossom, and mineral notes on the palate.

2013 Vigorous Viognier
Huge floral aromas with peach and orange blossoms on the nose with a palate of white peaches, honey, and flowers.
~ Luke Whittall