As the hot days of summer fade into memory and the flow of tourist traffic ebbs, the staff at Volcanic Hills get a chance to shift gears and really sink in to the work they love.

That, in part, means offering further opportunities for winery guests to get a taste of what happens behind the scenes at the popular destination.

“If they are interested in viticulture, winemaking or even the business side, I can customize a tour for them,” said proprietor Bobby Gidda.

Walks in his vineyard where three grape varieties tangle long before they’re crushed into prize-winning wines and a stop in the barrel room are just a couple ways Gidda is able to connect with the wine loving community.  And, as conversations bloom, the experience gains value.

“It’s really enjoyable for me, too,“ Gidda said. “Some of these groups have great questions, and it makes the tours really interesting. I forget how much knowledge I actually have.”

An extension of that conversation is sparked in the fall, when Volcanic Hills takes part in the wine festival and holds an open house. From noon to 4 p.m. on Oct. 5th they will have free tastings and two scheduled tours.

Some tasty treats from Blu Saffron will also tempt visitors to linger a bit longer at the West Kelowna winery.
As part of the Westside Wine Trails network, Volcanic Hills has an event in early December, called Sip Into the Season.
Visitors will be asked to linger and enjoy some artisan goods, food and, of course, the signature tastes of Volcanic Hills.

~ Kathy Michaels