Penticton’s new Sensory Centre on the Okanagan College campus is now offering a wide range of amazing new programs through their new Food, Wine & Tourism programming. Operating with their official Viticulture, Winery Assistant, and Wine Sales programs, Okanagan College’s school of Food, Wine and Tourism offers a wide array courses for the wine and food enthusiast in addition to professional development for those in the wine and food industry.
For the true food and wine enthusiasts, the chance to sign up for a 3-Day Wine Intensive course will be a dream come true.  Learn about B.C. wine history, regions, grape varieties, wine styles, viticulture and winemaking from local instructors in the industry. This unique course offering includes guided tastings and pairings in Okanagan College’s state-of-the-art B.C. Wine Information Society Sensory Centre and behind the scenes visits to local vineyards, wineries and producers.  This wine program allows oenophiles the unique opportunity to study wine with the local wine people both in the vineyard and the classroom.
A certificate is awarded at the end of the program.
There is also a new 3-day Food/Wine/Farm Intensive program in the works for this fall!  Spend three amazing days learning how to make the contents of a handmade picnic including the art of cheese making, bread making, sausage making, desserts and wine blending with our local experts in their field.
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~ Jennifer Schell