Sometimes you just get lucky. I dropped into Serendipity Winery in March just as owner Judy Kingston and her daughter and winemaker-in-training Katie O’Kell were about to take a new employee through a complete tasting of the Serendipity wine lineup. From my notes:

2011 White Lie
Playfully named because Judy was (shhhh….) a lawyer before she went straight and became a farmer/winery owner. This vintage is still bright and lively, and will pair nicely with white fish, oysters, bruschetta, cantaloupe, pears and Gouda cheese.

2013 Sauvignon Blanc
The Serendipity terroir is producing Sauvignon Blanc grapes much like New Zealand’s. The lovely pink grapefruit notes compliment the more expected green grass, dill and asparagus aromas. Perfect with any grilled white fish.

2013 Pinot Grigio
A food friendly version that will pair with spicy and Italian recipes. A visiting Italian winemaker paid the ultimate compliment—“You are the only winery in North American that is making a true Pinot Grigio.”

2014 Rosé
Judy never expected to be making a rosé or sparkling wine, thinking she’d never have enough grapes. But she’s found a source, and Katie even has her own batch of bubbly on the go. “This is the most iconic tea party wine of all—welcome to Alice in Wonderland!”

2010 Red Handed
For $20.00 this is one of the best BC red wine values to be found. Named as a dig at her ex-husband, Judy says she’ll make a similar wine in the future, but with a different name. “I’ve moved on!”
~ Lorne Eckersley