At press time, while editing the final pages of this wonderful issue, my ears where treated to the returning sounds of springtime. The birds were merrily chirping and I even had a fat quail on my window ledge cooing and admiring the mason jar full of fresh picked daffodils on my desk. After a long winter, this time of year feels like someone flicked the switch from black and white to Technicolor jolting your senses back to life.

Collecting the news for this issue also sparked me back to life as I read about all of the amazing spring wine releases coming soon and the incredible array of wine country events in store for us this year. Hooray! I see that the glamourous and easy to pair rosés are being offered by many more wineries in many different styles. If you have not yet been converted—it’s only a matter of time.

Please enjoy every moment of spring as it deepens into the treasured summer. Travel to all of our glorious wine regions stretched across the province – from Kamloops to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, there is so much to taste! Shop direct from your farmers, support your local wineries and drinkeries and be reminded the #bcwine life is the best. Cheers!