The fashion focus for Naramata’s Shades of Linen this year seems to be black and white, in stripes and polka dots, with splashes of orange and lime green, according to owner Diane Jensen. “We are also carrying a line from Australia called Banana Blue, which is 100% linen,” she says.
Popular accessories include black and white pearl necklaces and bracelets; those at Shades of Linen are all made by a local artisan. “Scarves are still a must,” says Diane. “This year they seem to be larger, like shawls, which makes them more versatile.”
Pants are “a bit of everything” this year and include both slim and wide leg styles. “They’re nice for layering.”
Linen is always the focus at this Naramata boutique, which has been in business since 2001. Shades of Linen has increased its men’s line this year, which includes long and short sleeve linen shirts, as well as t-shirts and shorts.
“The more linen is worn, the better it feels,” says Diane. “The wrinkling is part of the uniqueness of the fibre. After a wash you can hang your garment to dry, or throw it in the dryer. Try it, it’s easy…and the natural look is comfortable and classy.”
~ Dona Sturmanis