There are many reasons to make a trip to Cawston to visit Seven Stones Winery this season, including special events and a brand new wine shop!
The existing wine shop was renovated in the spring and greatly expanded with a larger tasting bar and more retail space. While the previous bar could only accommodate eight people, the new horseshoe shaped bar is able to host 20 people with lots of room left over to browse. The atmosphere is now bright and open without losing the cozy ambiance of the old wine shop. The new vaulted ceiling over the bar perfectly mimics the shape of the ceiling in the wine caves. Colin Wilson, who designed and built the caves, also designed the new wine shop and made sure to keep that key feature consistent. The new wine shop also has a new door on the west side of the building to access the deck with an unobstructed view of the Similkameen Valley. This will very likely become one of the most photographed winery locations in the Similkameen.
This year’s ‘Sip Sip Syrah’ tasting event at Seven Stones will be featuring a vertical of many different vintages of their sought-after Syrah. “There will be at least seven for sure,” says owner George Hanson with a smile. Included in the tasting will be the new 2013 Syrah, the very first vintage produced entirely in the caves. ‘Sip Sip Syrah’ takes place on May 9th from 2-4pm in the wine caves. Tickets are $50 and are available by phone from the winery directly. Space is extremely limited so do not hesitate to purchase your tickets right away.
~ Luke Whittall