When Larry Gerelus and Linda Pruegger purchased their vineyard in 1992 they never imagined the surprises they’d find hidden among the vines lining the small valley, or hollow, from which their winery draws its name. Half of their harvest was Vidal, a varietal looked down upon by those considered “knowledgeable” of such things.
Perhaps it was curiosity, maybe charity, but Stag’s Hollow gave the grape a chance and today, winemaker Dwight Sick creates an off dry wine of complex texture named “Tragically Vidal”, challenging those who wrote the grape off.
But between Rows 1 – 4 of the vineyard lies the greatest of Stag Hollow’s surprises, a chance oversight which saw several Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted among Merlot. Dwight insists this Merlot hang on the vine longer allowing both grapes to fully ripen before being processed for the prestigious “Renaissance Merlot”.
For those enticed by the mystery of this smooth, complex, and fruitful Merlot; or those just curious to see these famous rows, you’ll want to partake in “Take a Walk on the Wineside” on Saturday, May 2nd. This is a chance to explore the vineyard and taste with Dwight in the cellar, where whatever new joyful surprises that Stag’s Hollow has to offer are waiting to be tasted!

2014 Sauvignon Blanc
The Vidal’s vineyard neighbour also likes to surprise. 20% barrel fermented, this herbaceous wine is smoky to the nose when cold, but unveils tropical notes of guava as it warms, a palatable trick that caught everyone a little off guard.
~ Blake Allen