The Bonfire Grill’s Grant de Montreuil and his team are committed to carrying on the vision of their founder and original developer, Derek Trethewy, who passed away recently.

De Montreuil spoke recently about Derek’s life, his passion and his vision for the resort and its culinary gardens. “Derek was passionate about our culinary garden. He envisioned a full farm market that includes our food and products from other growers. He loved to sit and chat with people there,” de Montreuil says.

The Cove’s culinary garden welcomes the general public along with hotel guests, and they’re committed to leading-edge sustainability. They have a comprehensive composting program in place, and de Montreuil says they are very cautious in their approach. “All of this was part of his legacy,” de Montreuil explains. “Derek was a philanthropist and strong supporter of community involvement.“

Trethewey, who was involved in the conception of The Cove Lakeside Resort, also developed the Outback in Vernon, The Lakes residential area in Lake Country and Bowen Island Lodge. He was planning a future project in Hawaii and lived between Kelowna, Vancouver and Kauai. The company will now operate under the leadership of his son, Sam.

2015 is promising to be a beautiful summer.  Drop by and enjoy the Bonfire Restaurant’s splendid patio, great food and music nights on weekends.

~ Deanna Rainey