Wine and food, like art, are very personal. What a person eats and drinks is often an expression of who they are. But what about the creators of the food and drink? And what about the space around them. What’s in the glass or on the plate is often an equally strong reflection of the person who made it.

For Gavin and Shana Miller (pictured), who started Upper Bench Winery & Creamery as an opportunity to showcase their skills and ultimately themselves through award winning wines and cheeses, developing a space that also reflects who they are has been critical.

Upper Bench Winery & Creamery is a place that is a truly authentic reflection of its people. It’s warm and welcoming in the way the owners are. It is often full of laughter and great stories.

There is something traditional about its simplicity.

“There’s an easy feeling, sipping our locally produced dry wines and cheeses among the vines,” says Shana. “The experience we’ve created here is something people can take home as a member of our Curds & Corks Club (an exclusive wine and cheese club that ships across Canada).”

The inviting covered patio and welcoming wine shop are spaces where the pretention that permeates much of the wine industry simply doesn’t exist.  And in what feels like the perfect contrast to the simplicity of the place are the complex and bright wine and cheeses that are produced here.

Find a comfortable spot on the patio with friends and enjoy Upper Bench’s perfectly paired wines and cheeses. Sit back and truly take in this place, the people and their wines. Then pick up a bottle or two, along with some cheese, to take home and relive the experience again and again.

~ Tracy Clark