As the summer’s sizzling heat starts to cool down to a simmer, the intensity of work stays hot and focused at Kalala Organic Estate Winery because that’s what it takes to ensure that an organic wine remains true to its name. Certified since 2010, there are painstaking details that go into keeping quality controlled practices, like not using the grapes of the first few rows near a roadside vines to protect from carbon fumes and pollution. Another practice is ensuring that local farmers do not spray on windy days for fear of cross contamination and then there is the most obvious vineyard practice, excluding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. This is the living mantra of Kalala Organic Winery. Because of these articulate details in the process, wines can be proudly released.

New releases for the tasting bar include: 2014 Harmony White, 2013 Harmony Red, 2012 Zweigelt, (a varietal developed in Austria, now making a home here in the Okanagan) with a dark fruit forward nose. Also on offer are the 2012 Aspire, which blends Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to give a deep full tannin flavour perfect for the coming months. Be sure to visit the tasting bar on October 4th between noon and 4 pm for the East meets West event, which pairs their wines with authentic Indian cuisine. Sign up for the newsletter through and get up to date information and knowledgeable tidbits at a click.

~ Anna Jacyszyn