In an industry so closely tied with nature like winemaking, sometimes plans get changed for you. More than simply vintage variations, these events are unexpected circumstances that walk a fine line between creative innovation and complete disaster. Owner Bill Eggert has seen a number of these events that he calls “aberrations” over the years. The new Aberration Series of wines is a tribute to these events. Retroactively, the Aberration One is called Fool’s Gold, a Gamay Blanc-de-Noir from 2002 and Aberration Two is a late harvest Riesling from 2008. Aberration Three is a hail-battered 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon more famously known as “The Wrath”. There are two new Aberrations waiting in the wings.

Aberration Four is a hailstorm-enhanced crop of Cabernet Sauvignon called Hailing a Cab. Only 300 cases have been produced and may be released later in the fall when ready. Aberration Five is a unique Sauvignon Blanc experimentally fermented separately from the main tank of Sauvignon Blanc using a new yeast that is known to reduce acidity. The result is a uniquely soft, smooth, and round Sauvignon Blanc featuring flavours of apple crisp, peach cobbler, and soft floral notes. A perfect white for winter, look for this wine to be released in the fall.

~ Luke Whittall