Tibby Erdelyi (pictured) experienced his first crush at 11 and it’s been a lifelong love ever since. A love of wine, of course. His Hungarian uncle passed on a passion for wine, and today he would surely be proud of the impressively long list of award-winning wines that have proven Tibby’s innate talent for winemaking.

Tibby’s philosophy is holistic: being in touch with the land, the seasons and the vines is vital to the final results.

Each grape harvest is carefully monitored to make sure the product is of the quality needed to make a wine of distinction. The quality of the wine is determined in the vineyard. At Kalala there is no settling for second best, which is why their organic Chardonnay Icewine has always won first place.

Tibby, and owner Karnail Singh Sidhu, are long-time friends and promoters of organic viticulture. Well known and respected throughout the Okanagan Valley, they have helped many of the new vineyards adopt organic practices.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery is well worth visiting, the breathtaking views, the peaceful nature, warm welcome and, of course, damn fine wines, are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning oenophile.

Visit Kalala.ca to find out about upcoming events and the forthcoming wine club where you can catch Kalala’s wines before they sell out, and be warned – they do frequently sell out.

~ Henrietta Poirier