Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery has been crowned “King of the Platinum” by Wine Press Northwest at the 16th Annual Platinum Judging that determines the best of the best of wines from the Pacific Northwest. It is a tough event to get into as only wines that have won at least a Gold medal at a professionally judged competition are allowed to be entered. Over the years, Gehringer has won an average of 3.5 Platinum medals per year for a total of 56 and are not likely to be dethroned anytime soon. Second place is held by Mary Hill Winery from Washington State with 31 Platinum awards.

If there is a standout wine in this competition, there is one better than the Platinum award. A “Double-Platinum” award means that the wine was selected the best in a category by a unanimous decision among the judges. Gehringer Brothers’ Old Vines Auxerrois was honored with a Double-Platinum, which is the second year in a row that it has won this prestigious award. If you have never taken the time to get know Auxerrois, it should be on your list. “It has layers of subtleties,” says winemaker Walter Gehringer. “It has soft acidity and is not aggressive.”  A medium-bodied wine, it pairs well with consommés, pasta with cream sauces, and squash soups. Today’s wine lovers are trending towards lesser-known, expressive wines that are regionally unique. This makes Gehringer’s 3.5 acres of 33 year-old Auxerrois vines an amazing treat. “It is really well adapted to the Okanagan,” says Walter. (picstured: l-r Brothers Gordon and Walter Gehringer)

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~ Luke Whittall