Looking for a way to bring Joy and Bliss into your life? There is a place not far from town, a friendly space where you can relax, breathe, and be surprised by the award-winning honey wines of Meadow Vista.

Queen Bee of this honey hive is Judie Barta, winemaker, entrepreneur and RMT; Judie combines her knowledge of wine and health to make exceedingly fine honey wines.

The statement “wow I can’t believe this tastes so good” has been heard so often that Judie is considering putting it on a t-shirt. Oenophiles are hooked on first sip, and happy to hear there are no added colours, tannins, natural or synthetic flavourings.

At Meadow Vista, Judie’s hospitality is apparent in the relaxed atmosphere; guests stroll through her garden, or wile away the afternoon on the patio, sipping a refreshing glass of Joy, or experiencing the revitalizing effervescence of Bliss.

More than a meadery, and not just a winery, Meadow Vista is a unique honey boutique where Judie extends her eco-friendly commitment into all-natural, handmade beauty products and gifts baskets.

This summer Judie is opening a tea garden where visitors can unwind and enjoy the Okanagan sunshine. Oh Joy, such Bliss!

~ Henrietta Poirier