Founded in 1997 on vines that were planted in the ‘80s, Burrowing Owl Winery has long been an industry leader in sustainability and environmental awareness. It’s a foundational commitment that’s at the core of the iconic winery’s philosophy yet you may not be aware that it is also reflected in the onsite restaurant – the Sonora Room.

Named for the desert that the winery is situated in, the Sonora Room sources virtually all of its ingredients from the local Oliver-area, more specifically at the Petit Clos Farm which is only a quick stroll from the winery. Even the Arctic Char is raised at an ethical-practices fish farm that’s visible from the patio.

This commitment to local food means that the menu is never static but rather changes with the season and the harvest, making now an optimal time to visit for a meal. Spring in the Okanagan brings with it an array of crops, including a rich diversity of vegetables, resulting in a menu of eclectic choices. Of course, should you be reading this article in a different season an updated menu is always available online.

However, a meal at the Sonora Room wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of Burrowing Owl wine to pair with it. Take advantage the wine library on hand at the restaurant and have dinner with a bottle of 1997 Burrowing Owl Merlot or the winery’s 1999 Pinot Noir. The Sonora Room prides itself on the fact that this amazing collection of wines has never left the site but rather was grown, produced, cellared, and enjoyed all on the same property. After all, does it really get any more local then that?

~ Blake Allen