The Burberry check. The Rolex crown. Apple’s bitten apple. Iconic brands deserve an iconic look. This was the motivation behind the simple, stunning new labels at Sandhill Wines. Have they caught your eye?


Sandhill is a time-honoured Okanagan winery. Its quality speaks (volumes!) for itself. Master winemaker, Howard Soon, creates sophisticated wines that merit equally sophisticated packages. A consistent leader in the BC wine industry for more than 35 years, the time had come for Sandhill to revamp their already lovely label. The result is breathtaking: at once refined and unpretentious –the embodiment of Sandhill Wines.
When you visit Sandhill’s downtown Kelowna urban winery, with its clean-lined, bright architecture, and bold-font sign, it feels like a temple to straightforward quality. The winery’s striking orange wall is instantly recognizable against the creamy palate of the space. The opposite wall is lined with graceful bottles that echo this beautiful scheme: clean, elegant cream labels with a punch of golden orange in the cap, announcing the arrival of a classic.
While contemporary and attractive, this new design has another feature that consumers will appreciate. It gets right to the point, so the buyer can get right to the contents. Is it the bottle? One quick glance at the understated label will tell you vineyard and varietal. It makes enjoying the delectable Sandhill wines practically effortless (yes, you still have to open the bottle, alas!).
And this season, Sandhill is giving you plenty of reasons to do just that. During Fall Wine Festival, the winery will host an Italian-themed Winemaker’s Dinner (October 1st, see website for details). The sought-after Small Lot wines will be featured, each paired with dishes created by the top students from the Okanagan College Culinary Arts Program (led by another Okanagan Valley icon, Chef Bernard Casavant). Partial proceeds from the event will help to fund a trip for an award-winning student to study in Riccione, Italy.
Can’t make the dinner? There’s still plenty of opportunity to experience the welcoming atmosphere of Sandhill. Every Friday evening (5-7pm throughout fall and winter), the winery hosts Happy Hour. Wines from Sandhill’s award-winning portfolio, enticing small bites by local chefs and performances by local bands offer an excellent way to stave off the autumn chill. Details can be found on the Sandhill Wines Facebook page.
These events highlight Sandhill’s warm-hearted commitment to its community, its vineyards and its wines. The new label reflects what we already know about this beloved winery: Sandhill is the beautiful, pure signature of the Okanagan Valley.

(pictured: master winemaker, Howard Soon)
~ Abbey Westbury