Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is situated amongst the vineyards in a unique ecosystem which they honour with innovative environmentally sensitive practices. Nests of meadowlarks are protected in the spring, bluebird boxes and bat nurseries help keep bugs down in the vineyards and snakes are even relocated. The winemaking facility employs a gravity-flow system to handle ripe grapes delicately, preserving their rich fruit character. Their oath is “to do no harm” and they work with nature in their viticultural and enological practices, and the balance shows in the fine wines they produce.
Their newest investment builds on this commitment to environment and sustainability. They’ve installed additional solar panels and are focused on a renewable energy, always innovating. Burrowing Owl proprietor Jim Wyse looks to do things differently and better than before. In 2006, solar energy panels were installed to provide the hot water needed for barrel washing and other cellar functions. The initiative worked so well that, during hot summers, the panels capture more energy than is needed, and excess hot water is rerouted to their fabulous guest-house pool.
This year they are adding an additional three clusters of solar electric panels on the property.  The panels will capture the energy on the roof of the warehouse and provide all the energy needed for the entire facility. Burrowing Owl is the first winery in the region to reach zero carbon footprint status. Additionally, if you are planning a trip to the wine region in your electric car, there are four electric car charging stations slated for completion this year. With its constant commitment to sustainability, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is leading the field in the Okanagan and setting an example for others.
In Calgary on September 16th, Burrowing Owl presents an evening in the completely private Legacy Room at the Vintage Chophouse. Enjoy a welcome wine and canapes followed by a delicious wine-paired four course meal. Contact Linda at Vine and Dine to reserve at 403-870-9802  or linda@vineanddine.ca
~ Cassandra Anderton