It’s that time of the year when the nighthawks return to their nests in the hills above Okanagan Falls, where they’ll spend their days like all of us basking in the warm summer sun, while their nights are spent dutifully watching over the vines at Nighthawk Vineyards. Summer is a season of rediscovery here in the Okanagan, and much like these beautiful birds we too return to familiar locales this time of year, to be met with a handful of pleasant surprises.
Such is the case at Nighthawk Vineyards, a cozy little mountain winery built along the shores of Green Lake, a mere five minute drive outside Okanagan Falls. This boutique farmgate winery is about to welcome its newest releases; the 2016 Late Harvest “Special Select” Gewürztraminer which was the treasured result of a family harvest at minus 12 degrees on December 18th, and the signature 2015 Cabernet Franc which has been aging in French oak barrels for the past 18 months. A distinct rendition on a classic varietal…the Cabernet Franc is soft and aromatic on the palate, with fragrant aromas and light hints of raspberries, black currents, and dark chocolate.
Those already familiar with Nighthawk Vineyards will know the artwork of celebrated local artist Alex Fong, a close friend of the winery owners whose work is featured on all of their bottles. This summer Alex has released a new painting, “Fly”, that will be featured on the 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé bottle. The image is striking, capturing a nighthawk mid-flight, with the vineyard beneath. Like all great art, it’s impossible to truly appreciate until you’ve seen it yourself so take flight to this picturesque winery to make a few more discoveries of your own.

(pictured: The newest Nighthawk Vineyards label designed by celebrated local artist Alex Fong.)

~ Blake Allen