The Black Sage Bench is celebrated both nationally and internationally as a wine growing region, distinguished by the unique terroir of the valley’s desert hills. And there are few wineries in this renowned little town that capture the character of this region quite like the aptly named Desert Hills Winery.
The picturesque wine shop, baroque but in a uniquely small town way, sits atop its namesake with a vista that spans a sea of grapes running down to the meandering Okanagan River, and sleepy town of Oliver built upon the far shore. On a typically warm summer evening guests can sit back on the patio and take in the sights of the desert with charcuterie and wine.
The winery has staked a name for itself in the community and abroad with its line of beloved favourites like the Syrah, with its bold hints of spice and berries. The Gamay which is soft, with an accent of black cherry and the Viognier, a citric white that’s balanced with a subtle minerality that’s characteristic of this growing region. And this summer brings with it the return of an old favourite that’s been gone for the last few seasons – the Sauvignon Blanc.
For those who fall in love with the desert hills and its wines, and it’s easy to do, you’ll want to ask about the wine club. Not only because membership grants you access to any wine desired and a library that goes back to 2001, but because this is the only way to get your hands on celebrated small lot harvests such as the Zinfandel, the Petit Verdot, and few more of the treasures waiting to be discovered at Desert Hills this summer.

(pictured: l-r) marketing manager
Trish Hahn, owner/president Randy Toor, and office manager Shawna Dunkley)

2016 Sauvignon Blanc
This wine has a citric body with hints of apples, accompanied by a pleasant herbal aroma.
~ Blake Allen